Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Offset Block #7

What Happens When You Offset

Shoo Fly Blocks?

Part One

Shoo Fly is a very simple block that anyone can sew.

What if Shoo Fly blocks are assembled so that they are offset?

Since Shoo Fly is designed on a 3x3 grid, there are two obvious ways to do this.

What if we try the first way and assemble 4 Shoo Fly blocks around a small square?

I like the negative pattern that appears in the center; a kind of pinwheel with blunt ends.

This arrangement is also a bit like a circle.
What if Shoo Fly blocks are offset to make a larger circle?

Okay it's a circle. And it's a start. But it needs to be a litle more exciting before it's a quilt design.
What if another Shoo Fly block is placed in the center and the blue becomes a series of blues?

This is better.

What if the perimeter of the design is colored black?

This makes an interesting and attractive quilt design. And it's simple to sew.

Quilt blocks don't always have to be lined up into rows and columns. Something quite interesting happens when you take a simple block like Shoo Fly and offset it. And the best part is that it's easy to do.

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