Monday, September 19, 2011

To Fully Appreciate A Block

You've Got To Play With It A Bit

Too often we take a block at face value. We assume a block has only one "look". But every block has several "looks", depending on how it is positioned and how it is colored.

This block is from my quilt "Rosebud". Like every block it has 4 corners.

I can make 4 different pinwheels from it by using a different corner as the center of the pinwheel each time.

When I start playing with how it is colored as well, the number of different "looks" is unlimited.

I've only used this block to make pinwheels. What if you were to use it in other ways? Imagine what you could do!


  1. WOW, all from the same block, that is so amazing. Love that you share all your findings with everyone.

  2. Wayne,

    Incredible! Now time to mix it up with other blocks!

    Quilters keep telling me there is nothing new ... I wish they would open their eyes and their minds, and start playing!

    Judy B