Friday, May 25, 2012

Quarter of Nine #11

Start With A London Roads Block

Make A Quarter of Nine Block Quilt

A London Roads block is made from nine simple squares that can be colored a variety of ways.  It's a ninepatch block; cut it into quarters and you have, what I call, Quarter of Nine blocks.

Recently my wife challenged some of her quilting buddies to see what they could do with Quarter of Nine blocks.

I thought I'd try to see what I can do with London Roads.

I'll start by coloring the London Roads block like this.

Cutting it into quarters gives me these Quarter of Nine blocks.

When I sew them back together I get this new block.

Which I can use to make this quilt.
This time I'll start with two London Roads blocks; each colored differently.

When I quarter them I get eight Quarter of Nine blocks to play with.

Two of each Quarter of Nine block are combined to make this new block.

The new block is used to make this quilt.

Here's another way to color a London Roads block.  I'll use two the same.

When I cut them into four, I get eight Quarter of Nine blocks.

I can assemble all eight blocks around a center square to make this new block.

Which gives me this new quilt design.
This is the same London Roads block as last time, only without the black background.

It gives me these Quarter of Nine blocks.

Which I'm combining in pairs to make rectangles that can be used vertically or horizontally.

This quilt is the result of playing with the rectangles.

You might like to join the challenge and see what kind of quilts you can design using Quarter of Nine blocks made from the ninepatch block of your choice.

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  1. You are having too much fun... you must confess and repent... heehee.