Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paired Blocks #25

Clay's Choice &

Drunkard's Path

I thought it would be interesting to combine an 8" Clay's Choice block with 4" Drunkard's Path blocks.

There are lots of ways that they can be combined to make new blocks. Here are just a few.

Next comes the fun part, playing with the new blocks, trying different settings, trying different colors to make quilt designs.

I am interested in learning what you think of any of these designs. If you were making one how would you change it to make it better?


  1. the last one appeals to me the most. I have no idea how I would change...yet

  2. Debra

    Does it need more color? Or maybe a border?

  3. I think I like the simplicity and starkness of the design just floating in the middle.

  4. That is a very interesting collection of blocks!

    I like the way Clay's Choice connects with the Drunkard's Path in the second to last one. I think I would add a border, but very simple to that one.

    The last one is just right as it is ... no changes required!

  5. Judy

    The second last one is the one my wife Linda likes as well.

    The Drunkard's Path blocks seem to form leaves. I wonder if these don't appear cut off around the edges of the quilt. Maybe I should finish them off in the border?