Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ninepatch Pinwheel #7

Rocky Mountain House

To make a Ninepatch Pinwheel block I start with a design on a ninepatch grid. And then determine the piecing.

I pick some colors. Then I use four of the block to make a kind of pinwheel.

Then I play with fabric colors and the block setting to see what sorts of quilt designs I can discover.

I've named this Ninepatch Pinwheel block after Rocky Mountain House in my home province of Alberta. I am delighted with how the quilts it produces are so different from each other.


  1. Hi Wayne,
    This one is my favorite so far... maybe because I have family in Rocky, but also because it captures the flavor of the place (actually not my favorite town though). Good job.

  2. Elsie

    I'll be doing a trunk show in Rocky Mountain House in the middle of October. The 18th if my memory is any good.

  3. This is a beautiful pattern. Can you tell me how where I can find the instructions

    1. The only pattern there is, is what you see here. Assign a size to the grid and work from that.

      If you are hesitant to start cutting fabric, try coloring in the squares on graph paper to learn how it goes together.

    2. I'm sorry to hear that.
      Which of the 4 versions were you trying to work through? And at what point did you find it difficult to follow how one step lead to the next?

    3. I love the purple n green I am trying to make one using Mardi gras colors purple green n gold and this looks very much like what I want to make. Thank you for sharing this

  4. I really like the #7 pinwheel in the purples and green. Can you show the nine patch block in those colors? I may not use those colors but I really like the arrangement.

  5. What is the measurement of the pieces to make the nine patch

  6. Can you tell us what is the cutting size of your nine patch block you started with