Friday, March 21, 2014

An Old Design Revisited

Look What Linda Did

Back on 28 March 2012 I played with a Shoo Fly block.

I cut several Shoo Fly blocks into quarters.

I mixed up the quarters and joined them together to make new blocks.

Using my design Linda sewed the scrappy quilt you see above.

What I really like is how she quilted it.

It gives the impression that the quilt is made of diagonal strips rather than being sewn together from squares.

The tight quilting gives elegance to an otherwise simple quilt.


  1. This is very cool. So simple and yet practically genius.

  2. That's quite a stunning quilt. I was drawn to the drawing (heh), but the finished piece is truly a work of art. Linda did an amazing job.

  3. Nice, Wayne... and Linda, do you give lessons? The quilting is like icing on a yummy cake.

  4. I agree with you that the quilting sets off the pattern beautifully. And I think the creative use of the old standard pattern was a bit on the brilliant side as well!

  5. Elsie

    Linda says she's seen your quilting and you don't need any lessons from her.

  6. Fantastic idea and the quilting is exquisite!

  7. Very clever. This design rocks!

  8. I have lots of half square triangles that I just randomly made for no particular pattern. I was scrolling around looking for things, ran across your blog again - it's been a long while. Anyway, I was thinking about this quilt design all night last night, so now my potential pinwheels will become disappearing shoo fly. Can't wait! I love what you've done with this quilt & I need to go back over your blog again for more inspiration!