Sunday, May 4, 2014

Color Play

Snail's Trail

This is the Snail's Trail block the way it is usually seen. It's a very different block and an interesting one. But there is only so much you can do with it.


You see it this way, twenty pieces of fabric that can be any color you choose. In which case the possibilities are almost endless.

I'm going to play with ways to color a Snail's Trail block and see what happens.

What if I make each piece in two of the spiraling arms a different shade of light grey-brown?

What if I make the other two spirals black and then simply repeat the block?

What if I use shades of taupe to make my spirals but start with two red squares at the center?

What if I make the background a very light taupe?

What if I arrange eight blocks around a center square to make a new larger block and then repeat the larger block?

What if I make two spirals candy-striped by using two blues for one spiral and two reds for another?

What if I candy-stripe the light grey background as well?

What if I candy-stripe two spirals using magentas, but make the final piece of the spirals blue?

What if I use four reflected blocks to make a larger block?

What if I combine four of the larger blocks rotated?

 What if I  shade one spiral from blue to green and one from blue to magenta?

What if I cap the grey background spirals with white corners? 

What if I join two blocks rotated and add their reflection?

To be continued.....


  1. Great job! Amazing how different they look! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is my all time favorite block...about the only traditional block pattern I like (love actually). I've been designing my own quilt patterns since my first quilt...I lOve that you are encouraging others! It's so much fun to design yoyr own work. BTW, I love yoyr greenDutchess!

  3. Wayne,

    I think I am dizzy after following all those snail trails! Love the taupe versions, and like the idea of cutting off two of the corners.

  4. I see waves...what about the upper snail trails in ocean blues and the lower ones on sand light browns?

  5. Ellyn Mae
    I like the idea. I'm not sure which of the quilt designs you're thinking of. But I can see this working with the grey-brown one.