Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nine Patch

I got to thinking about a Nine Patch block. Somehow it looks very different on point.

I've seen this arrangement many times. I wondered what if the empty spaces were filled with Nine Patch blocks that weren't on point?

This is the result. It's okay I suppose, but I don't find it particularly inspiring.

What if the on point blocks were reverse Nine Patch blocks? That is, what if I switched the black and white in the on point blocks?

This result I find much more interesting.

What if I play with coloring this different ways? What can I come up with for quilt designs?

Nine Patch is a very simple block. Placing it on point doesn't change that.

Combine a Nine Patch block with an on point Nine Patch block and it's still very simple. However, the combination has some very intriguing possibilities.

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