Saturday, April 11, 2015

Outline Block #1

Ohio Star is a simple block. I got to wondering how I could dress it up.

Then I remembered my Shaganappi alphabet. It's an outline alphabet.

What if I made Ohio Star an outline block?

Even better, what if I outline all the pieces that make up the Ohio Star block?

The squares are easy  to piece.

The triangles I could paper piece.

If I change the colors of the blocks in each row I get this Ohio Star quilt.

This time I'll make the background outlines more subtle so that the Ohio Star stands out by itself a bit more.
When I offset the blocks this quilt results.

What if only part of the corner squares and part of the side squares are outlined?

This puts more emphasis on the Ohio Stars. The secondary shapes disappear.

What if there is more contrast within the Ohio Star block?
What if I make a bigger block by adding four new units to each corner?

The result is an Ohio Star block with secondary patterns.

And a chance to do some interesting quilting.


  1. it looks like the regular block from the wrong side of the fabric. Another good idea for a rag quilt! thank you for you amazing blog

  2. Valerija

    It does look like the back. I sometimes think that the back of some blocks is more interesting than the front. Someday I'll have to make a backwards quilt.

    When You make an Ohio Star rag quilt I want to see it.