Sunday, October 25, 2015

Four Friends 7

Some Quilts From Russian Friends

A little while ago Hope (I hope Google translated her name correctly) emailed me a picture of a quilt top she made using my Four Friends design.

I got more pictures  from her today and another message.

Wayne Good day! As I promised I send you a photo of my students, who made the blocks in your master class. That's what happened and their own unit, I redid the same. Nina tried to make the extended block. I decided to slightly change his side, made ​​a dark center.

Here are the pictures:

This last quilt top isn't a Four Friends quilt; instead it is made using a wonky version of a Kansas Star Block.


  1. Спасибо за вашу работу, за ваши чертежи. Мы решили сшить по вашим чертежам еще одну работу. Но это пока на начальном этапе. Обязательно покажу результат, ведь вам будет интересно увидеть ваш чертеж в ткани. С уважением Надежда (имя вы правильно перевели)

  2. According to Google Hope said:
    Thank you for your work, for your drawings . We decided to sew on your drawings one more job. But this is still at an early stage . Be sure to show the result , because it will be interesting to see your drawing in the fabric . Sincerely Hope ( the name you have correctly translated )