Thursday, February 2, 2017

Simple Block #9

I think you can agree this block is simple. Not hard to sew, but not much to look at either.

What if I combine 4 of my simple block to make a larger block? It's still easy to sew but more interesting visually.

What if I play with this new larger block? Can I discover some interesting Quilt top designs?

I'm sure if I played with this some more I could find even more designs. Whether they'd be interesting or not I won't know until I try. What if I just call it quilts for now?


  1. Could you explain how this block was constructed?

  2. Look at the first illustration. If you divide it vertically you get three strips: a grey strip with a dark grey triangle, a white strip with a grey triangle, and a blue strip with a white triangle.

    The triangles are made using what I learned as the connector corner method, but is often called the sew and flip method. Place a square face down on the end of the strip. Sew diagonally from corner to corner. Trim a quarter inch seam. Fold over to create the triangle.

    When you sew the three strips together you get a block to play with that can be used to make as many different patterns as you can discover