Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quarter of Nine #1

What You Can Learn From

A Disappearing Nine Patch Block

This quilt design was not made using Disappearing Nine Patch blocks; but it was inspired by them.

You probably already know what a Disappearing Nine Patch block is. But I'll tell you again any way.

Nine Patch blocks are cut into quarters and then reassembled to create various quilt patterns. When this is done the Nine Patch blocks disappear.

When you think about it, what's really happening is a new block design is being made from a quarter of a Nine Patch block.

What if this were done with other blocks?

There are a large number of blocks that, like a Nine Patch block, are designed on a 3x3 grid. A few of these are shown below. What if I make new blocks from each of these. I'll take a quarter of each block and play with it to get a hint of what sort of designs are possible.

 Shoo Fly
Hidden Star 
 Ohio Star
Grecian Square 
Friendship Star

These are very easy blocks to design. I think I'll call them Quarter of Nine blocks because of where they come from.

The last time I looked, EQ6 listed 57 blocks that were on a Nine Patch grid. There are, no doubt, many more. You might want to play with some of them and see what kind of Quarter of Nine blocks you can discover.


  1. This is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing it. My mind is boggling at the possibilities!

  2. Wayne this was amazing!!!! Super amazing! Thank you...this is one that even my brain can handle!