Thursday, January 5, 2012

Simple Blocks

Can Make Wonderful Quilts

I can't imagine anyone not wanting to design her own quilt. It's not hard to do. Especially if you start with a simple block.

 This is a simple block. They don't come much simpler.

You can use it to make other blocks, so you might prefer to think of it as a unit. I choose to think of it as a block.

In either case, you can use the unit (or block) and the blocks you make from it to design your own quilts.

Here are a few I designed using this block (or unit).

You don't need a fancy block to design a quilt you like.

All you really need is a simple block you can play with.


  1. Oh I can see that green and orange one as a huge rainbow quilt with each 4 colored ringed block a different color doing the color gradation like you did.

  2. Ann Marie

    What a great idea. Start with yellow in the center, then orange, red, puple, etc. Make each color a little darker as you move out.

    You'll have to show it to me when you make it so I can see it too.

  3. That was an interesting simple block to use. Thanks for the design possibilities.