Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Kind Of Block Is This?

Well, to start with, it's not a traditional block.

Most traditional blocks are symmetrical. If you cut a traditional block in half, either horizontally or vertically or on the diagonal, you get two pieces that look the same. They may be exactly the same or they may be the mirror image of one another.

If you cut this block in half, no matter how you do it, you will never find two pieces that look the same. It is asymmetrical.

What kind of block is this? It's the kind of block I love to play with because it has the potential to make endless new quilt designs.

Actually, it's called Canmore and it's a block I designed to use in the Canmore quilts in my Alberta series of Quilts.

Below are a couple of my Canmore quilts and a couple of new designs using the Canmore block.

An asymmetrical block all by itself may not be much to look at. But when you start to play with it and create quilt designs, it comes to life.


  1. You can easily draft it by imposing a 9 patch grid. This breaks it down to squares & hst's.