Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scrambled Block #1

Jacob's Ladder

On occasion my mind wanders and I put a block together wrong. It occurs to me that this doesn't have to be a bad thing. What if I were to intentionally mix up the units for a block and make a new block? I can call them scrambled blocks.

A Jacob's Ladder block is made using nine units - 4 half square triangles and 5 four patch units.

I want to experiment with different ways of putting those units together to make a bock.

What if I start with this color scheme?
What if I arrange the units like this to make my new block?

I can put four blocks together to get this. I can put four of these together to make the quilt design at the beginning of this post.

What if I start with this color scheme?

What if I arrange the units to make this new block?

I get this quilt design.

What if I try this color scheme?

What if I assemble the units like this?

I can use my new block to make this quilt design.

This time I'll go scrappy and use a variety of reds.

What if I put the units together so that they make this block?

This quilt design is the result.

It seems to me that designing new blocks can be as easy as making mistakes on purpose.


  1. I like this quilt design - very striking! Good to see you live on the airspace again.

  2. Good to see you back. :)

    I love your designs. You always come up with such clever ideas.

  3. Nice, Wayne. I see you will be at our March Guild meeting. I'm looking forward to your presentation and seeing you and Linda again!

  4. Elsie

    We look forward to seeing you.

    Linda says she wants to pick your brains about thread.

  5. Cannot pick a favourite amongst these, and think I could have fun playing with the colour placements in the new blocks too.A
    Love the idea of making mistakes deliberately ... even if I don't like it the way it turns out it would still be a learning experience. It could be frustrating thought if you found a wonderful new way to put the pieces together when nearly all the blocks were completed!
    I wonder how many different mistakes you could make with a nine patch block!
    Judy B

  6. Judy

    I can make mistakes with any block.

    With most blocks the number of possible mistakes is so great that counting them is too bothersome to even try. Nine Patch is one block were counting the number of mistakes could be done in a very limited amount of time, not that I'm about to try.