Monday, December 31, 2012

Half and Half Block #4


Estevan is what I call a half & half block. It is made by combining 2 different units. As a result, unlike most blocks, it is not symmetrical.

The 2 units that go together to make Estevan are both very simple to make.

It is easy to see how this block can be colored many different ways. I'm going to try a few of those ways now. I'm going to try various settings as well.

What if I reflect the block both left to right and up to down?

What if I try rotating the block?

What if I simply repeat the block?

What if I make 2 different color versions of the block and then alternate them?

As a general rule, because they are asymmetrical, I don't think half and half blocks work well in quilt samplers. They are meant to join with other blocks and not stand alone. However, I think Estevan is an exception to this rule. I think it looks fine all by itself.

Question: Do you agree with me? Or have I lost my mind entirely?


  1. I agree... This one could stand alone. No comment on the "lost my mind" part though...hehee!

  2. These half and half blocks are great! I always enjoy seeing what you've come up with.