Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ontario Series #3


Manotick is another simple block I've designed that I would paper piece.

My favorite paper piecing method uses freezer paper which, instead of being torn out and thrown away, is pealed off and re-used. My 30 January 2012 post shows how this works.

Here's what happens when I play with the Manotick block.

I've chosen analagous color schemes for all my explorations today. If you'd like to learn more about analagous colors go to my 10 February 2012 post.


  1. Interesting combinations! The link 30.jan.12 does'nt work, but I found it in the archive.

    I use this "freezer paper" technique too, but without freezer paper - I use printer paper and pin it to the fabric.

  2. Sylke

    Thanks for pointing out the problem. I think I fixed it, but with computers you never know. Or perhaps more accurately, I never know.