Thursday, July 17, 2014

Echo Block #1

Ohio Star

I'm going to play with a kind of block I call an Echo block. I make an Echo block by combining a traditional block with a smaller version of it to make a new block.

Today I'm using an Ohio Star block. The small version is a quarter of the size of the large block.

The small block is superimposed in the corner of the large block.

The new  block can be made from squares, half-square triangles and quarter-square triangles.

It's easier to see the two stars when the block is colored in.

I tried coloring it several ways and like this version.

Four of the new block rotated make this larger block which I used to make the design at the beginning of this

The block can, of course, be colored other ways and used other ways.


  1. Very nice. Have bought your book, like your playing.
    Erika from Austria

  2. I have seen the Ohio Star block used in such a manner on the background of a quilt but was unable to decipher the process needed to do this. Thank You for your very plain explanation.