Thursday, July 24, 2014

Echo Block #3

Jacob's Ladder

This quilt design starts with  Jacob's Ladder blocks of two different sizes.

The two are combined to make what I call an Echo block.

There are 16 ways the two can be combined.

I chose this way
Yes, the new block has a lot of pieces.

However, the sewing is simple and the pieces can easily be mass produced.

So it's easier than it first looks.

By repeating 16 of the new block in a barn raising setting I get a very traditional looking design.

This time I've combined 2 upside-down blocks with 2 right-side-up blocks to make a large block.

When I rotate 4 of the larger block I get this quilt design.

Here it is with a border.

This time it looks more modern.

I'll let you to explore the other 15 possible Jacob's Ladder Echo blocks.


  1. That could take a while! You have already found a couple of great designs.

  2. This may be my favorite of your echo blocks so far.