Sunday, October 5, 2014

Paired Blocks # 28

Snail's Trail

Log Cabin

Snail's Trail and Log Cabin are two blocks that are made in a similar way. You start at the center and work your way out.
I wondered, what if these two blocks were paired up? So I set out to find out.

What if I join a Snail's Trail and a Log Cabin block to make a unit?

Then  what if I make a second unit, rotate it, and join it to the first to make a large block?

What if I repeat this large block to make a quilt?
What if I invert the colors that I used in my first attempt by replacing them with complementary colors?

What if I make a large block the same way I did in my first attempt, by try different colors?

What if in the first row I mirror-image the large blocks from side to side?

What if I repeat the first row in the remaining rows?

What if I use the first row from the last attempt but I change the background colors to black And grey?

What if, instead of repeating the rows, each row is the mirror-image of the previous one?
What if I make a unit and a mirror-image unit and join them to make a large block?

What if I repeat the large blocks to make a row?

What if each succeeding row faces the opposite direction?
What if I use the large block from the last attempt and color it differently?

What if I orient it horizontally then flip each block in a row 180 degrees?

What if each row is the mirror-image of the preceding one?
What if I place four units around a center square to make a large block?

What if I then repeat that block to make a quilt?

I like the way these two traditional blocks look together. I expect that they could be used in some very interesting ways that I haven't even thought of. Perhaps you can think of some.


  1. Thanks for the great design read this morning. I love the way these two block interact with each other. My favorite is the red, orange, and white combination. In some of the designs, I'm seeing mustaches. Have a super day!

  2. Jennifer

    I can see the mustaches too. I also see the letter C, the letter S and squid. Or maybe they're spiders.

  3. What a tempting combination to play with! Love the moustaches, letters S and C, and another look at the moustaches reveals a W.

  4. I love to play the "What if..?" game when my creative juices are flowing.

  5. These ideas are amazing. What size cuts did you use for the log cabin block?

    1. Both blocks are on an 8x8 grid.

      If you cut 1 1/2" strips for the log cabin block, the block will be 8"x8" finished. If you cut 2" strips, it will be 12"x12" finished.

      Both blocks start with a 4 patch at the center. The Snail's Trail 4 patch should be identical to that of the Log Cabin.