Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Is It? #1

I'm going to explore some of the possibilities of an Amish Star block. But instead of playing with one block at a time I'm going to play with nine.

Instead of creating a block and then finding out what kind of quilt it will make I'm going to try creating a quilt and then discover what block was used to make it.

By placing nine outline Amish Stars together I created a grid.
By looking for patterns in the grid I was able to create quilt designs.
As a result I found ways of coloring an Amish Star block that I might not have found otherwise.


  1. A very interesting way to play with designs ... I just might have to give it a try, even trying to find diffrent ways to add colour to my own designs!

  2. Judy

    Not only is it an interesting way to play, but it is a very overlooked way to play, and a very productive way as well.