Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Do Over


Campsie is one of my earlier quilts. Back then I thought a block was a block. That what you saw was what you got. A block could be colored different ways and the results would all be different but not really different. I thought every block had it's own unique identity.

This is the Campsie block as I designed it.

If you change the blues to blacks and the yellows to tans and it would still look the same only different.

The Campsie block is made of two units that are colored differently. Because the units are colored differently but their structure is the same they look the same only different.

I no longer believe that a block necessarily has a fixed identity. I believe that changing the way units are colored and combined can result in very very different looking blocks. The same goes for blocks, they can be colored and combined to produce dramatically different quilts.

Here's what happens when I mess with my Campsie block:

All of these quilts are made using the same basic unit. But by playing with that unit I can make a number of very different blocks. And those blocks in turn make unique quilts.