Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Do Over


Seebe is one of my older quilt experiments. I want to tinker with the elements that make up Seebe and see if I can find something new. Something I didn't think of way back then.

Seebe starts with a unit that is colored 2 ways.
The units are combined 2 ways to make the 2 blocks that combine to make Seebe.

Starting with the unit in outline I can try coloring it various ways. I can then arrange those units to make a variety of blocks and quilts.

Here are some of the quilt designs I find when I do that:

None of these look like Seebe and none of them look like each other.

The Seebe unit can be used a lot of different ways.

This is true of any unit used to make a block and of any block used to make a quilt. Change the way it is colored and you change the block. It becomes a new block. Your block.


  1. Love the first new design, and the green one ... and I rather like all but one of the others. And even that has some possibilities.

  2. I'm always so amazed when I pop in for a visit!