Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quarter of Nine #18

 Calico Puzzle

 Twin Star
Jacob's Ladder
Card Trick

Saturday I taught a Disappearing Blocks class.

You make a Disappearing block quilt using traditional blocks that you cut into quarters and then reassemble.

The blocks above are the ones the participants in my Saturday class used to try this technique.

Here's what they came up with.

Pat started with Waterwheel blocks, gave them a solid center square instead of a four patch and came up with this quilt top.

Jacqueline used disappearing Calico Puzzle blocks to make this quilt top.
Barb cut up and reassembled four Twin Star blocks for her quilt top.

This is what happened to her Jacob's ladder blocks after Sharon used them to make her quilt top.

Heather decided to combine Card Trick blocks and Jacob's Ladder blocks. Her quilt top isn't quite finished.

Allison is making a full sized quilt so we are still waiting to see what that looks like.

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