Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quilter's Connection


This is a quilt I designed and made using a Northcott panel.

The panel was given to three different designers, Susan Jensen, Jean Boyd an me. Our designs and the patterns for them can be found in the Fall (September) issue of Quilter's Connection Magazine.

I've never worked with a panel before. It was a new experience. Rather than simply add a border around the panel, I decided to cut the panel into three pieces and insert the word "Imagine".

Why "Imagine"? Well, because it was a picture of a reindeer made of snowflakes that had come together  like a super-dense constellation of stars in the night sky. I'm asking you to imagine that and then imagine even more.


  1. I love that. Now I can "imagine" what to do with some cute panels. Why is it that I never thought to cut the panel and add sashings or whatever? We need to imagine things outside of our comfort zone and see what can be done. I love the imagination of this. The starry night and snowflakes go together so well and I can well imagine them forming a reindeer. Fun shapes out of clouds in the daytime and now fun shapes out of snowflakes for the winter night sky. :)

    1. Bonni
      Don't think of it as doing things outside your comfort zone. Think of it as adding more things to your comfort zone.