Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Making Visual Choices

Similar Orientations Associate

I've used Empire Star blocks for this example because they are asymmetrical. As a result I can place some horizontally and some vertically.

You see the two two kinds of Empire Star blocks as being different because they are different. All the horizontal blocks are one grouping. All the vertical blocks are another grouping. The horizontal blocks associate. The vertical blocks associate.

However, the connection is not very strong. How can I make it stronger?

This time I've created groups of four blocks, some groups are vertical and some horizontal.

Because they are closer together the blocks within a group form a closer connection. The orientation of the groups is stronger as a result. The connection between similar groups is also stronger.

Even though the association is stronger it's still not really strong. Can I make the association even stronger?

Similar colors associate. By coloring vertical blocks one color and horizontal blocks another color. The association becomes much stronger. In fact the connection between similar colors becomes dominant. However, both color and orientation reinforce the association.

Can I make the association even stronger?

Similar values associate.  By giving the vertical and horizontal blocks different values  the connection between blocks and between groups becomes even more apparent.

Because similar colors associate, I can make the blocks and the groups more interesting by varying the value of the color in a block without losing any of the connection that keeps the blocks with similar orientations associated.

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