Saturday, December 5, 2015

Shadowed Block

Nine Patch
What if I start with a Nine Patch block laid out on a 10 x 10 grid?

What if I add shadows so that the block appears three dimensional?

The piecing for this block is simple enough. It is a combination of squares and rectangles and narrow rectangles with triangular connector corners on the end.

The block ends up looking like this.

Now the question is - what can I do with this block?

What if I make scrappy Nine Patch Shadow blocks and then simply repeat them?

What if I repeat 4 of the block to make a larger block and then rotate the larger block?
I can then play with how the blocks are colored to change the appearance of the quilt.

What if I combine 4 of the Nine Patch shadow block rotated to form a larger block?

What if I repeat the larger block?
What if I color all the squares of the Nine Patch blocks red?

This changes the appearance dramatically.

What if I use four Nine Patch Shadow blocks to make a larger block and I rotate 2 of the blocks 180 degrees?

What if I rotate the larger block to make a quilt design?
What if I play with how the blocks are colored?

What if I create a larger block as in the last two examples, color it differently and then simply repeat the block to make a scrappy quilt design?

All of these designs are 40" x 60" before borders are added.

I think all of them make interesting quilts.


  1. Genius idea! Keep them coming!

  2. I could see using the first design as a pixelated initial/name/image - especially for a child's quilt in bright colors!

  3. Очень красиво! Мне очень нравится.

    1. Google translates your comment as "Very beautiful. I love."

      I'm glad you like it. Thank You