Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do You Want To Design A Quilt?

Play With

A Couple

Of Blocks

And See What Happens

Designing is playing.

Too many people think of it as problem solving. Who needs more problems? Not me. Not you.

However, everyone deserves more play time. So grab a couple of simple blocks, start playing, and see what happens.

I'm going to play with these two blocks - Friendship Star and one that looks like Snowball with the middle missing.

I'm going to try changing colors and the way they are combined. I have no plan other than to let things happen and hope that something I like shows up.

When you solve a problem, you have a specific goal you want to achieve. But you can play without any goal in mind, except to have fun. When you play you can try anything. When you play results don't matter; you don't have to achieve anything.

The surprising thing is that when you play you achieve amazing results. Try it.


  1. Hey, I really like some of the things you came up with while you were playing today. What program do you use?

  2. Completely agree... it's more fun to play than to solve things. I love your examples. It sure is interesting how something as simple as block placement and rotation, and playing with lights and darks can give you so many choices.

  3. Tennye

    I design using Paint. It's a simple pixel based drawing program. I have EQ6 but it isn't designed to work the way I do. I have plans to learn Illustrator which is a vector based drawing program and will let me do things I can't with Paint.

  4. Angie

    Not only is playing fun, but it is useful. Playing is a great way to learn things that you can later use to solve the problems you can't avoid.

  5. Thanks for your reply, I missed it until you posted on the problems you were having with comment. It is good of you to share your talents with us. I enjoy your work very much.