Monday, April 7, 2014

An Applique Alphabet

In my last post I showed you Chaparral, an alphabet I designed that combined piecing and stitching. I also pointed out that it had some issues that needed to be worked out.

I have decided that if I change it to an alphabet that combines applique and stitching, all those problems disappear. In addition raw-edge applique allows me to make the letters even smaller. And that means I can use these letters on quilts that are not huge.

I'm calling this new alphabet Cranston.

This shows the word Cranston before and after stitching:

Because I am no longer piecing I can easily do curves.

Here's the complete alphabet:

This should give you a feel for what this alphabet looks like in use:

As it stands this alphabet is totally lower case. I think I should design the upper case as well. That will be my next post.

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  1. If only blogs had a 'like' button! I really like the look of this alphabet. Thanks for sharing.