Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ninepatch Pinwheel Quilt #8

Look What Susan Did

She made this bed quilt using a variation of my Patricia/Ribbons quilt design. This is for a single bed. The piano keys along the border drape down the sides. The Patricia /Ribbons part is the rectangle in the very center.

I think this was a brave choice for a beginner quilter and very well executed.

You may be wondering about the /  in the name. I designed a series of blocks that I call Ninepatch Pinwheel blocks. They are based on nine patch designs that are rotated to make pinwheels and are named after places in Alberta. I design quilts using these blocks and add a second name to indicate each quilt variation. I call quilts made this way my Alberta series.

Here are some previous posts that feature Ninepatch Pinwheel blocks and Alberta series quilts: Airdrie/King's Heights, Airdrie/Iron Horse Park, Rocky Mountain HouseNorth Cooking Lake, Galahad, Seebe, Seven Persons, Campsie, Dead Man's Flats, Alberta Series Display.

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