Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How You Design A Quilt

Isn't Always How You Sew It

Yesterday I designed this quilt using the block beside it to the left. But if you look carefully you'll notice you can't use that block to actually sew the quilt. Its corners would get in the way.

The block needs to be altered so that it is on point.

It's a small change but an important one. Now you can sew the quilt.

Quilt design has a split personality. Sometimes it's art; sometimes its engineering. Finding a design you like is  esthetics, it's art. Finding a way to sew that design is engineering.


  1. You could sew it the way you had it first, you just need to leave off the little white corners, and you would have big white squares in between. The new on point way, the white area would be pieced with 4 corners. So do you want seams in the white area or not?

  2. Ann Marie

    You are quite right. One of the questions you need to ask is, "Do you want seams in the white area?"

    Another question is,"Do you want to sew inset seams?"

    I prefer not to sew inset seams. But I wish there was a way to avoid both.