Friday, November 4, 2011

It Doesn't Matter Where You Start

You Can Always Go Someplace Else

I recently came across this block - Frolic. When I remove all the color I get the outline block at left.
What if I color the block differently?
I get a new block and I can create these designs.
What if I change the center of the block?
I get another new block. These designs are almost the same as before. However, they are a bit busier.
What if I change the center back and then color the block differently?
 This gives me a different result.
What if, once again, I change how I color the block.

I like this. I could keep changing it and getting something new each time. But I like what I found, so I'm quitting for today.

I started with a Frolic block and by coloring it differently, I got a new block to play with. I started in one place and ended up someplace else.


  1. Wayne,

    You are so right ... it doesn't matter where you start, and when you are finished you can restart from either the beginning or the end and keep going for more designs.

    Love where you finished up with this one.

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    You are so right... the trick is to keep moving, to keep trying something new, something different. Chris Columbus would never have ended up in America if he'd stayed on the Continent. Quilt design is a voyage of discovery.

  3. Very Beautiful site. I find your your blog is very informative and impressive

    Though I am not a quilter I love studying geometrical and symmetrical patterns in nature and art.

    Thank you the lovely site and I loved the reasons why you started this blog :-)