Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Very Different

Identical Blocks

It is possible to dramatically change not only the superficial appearance but also the basic design of a quilt block by changing how it is colored.

I'm going to explore some of the possibilities using a simple block.

I recently designed this block. Because I will be at the quilt show in Weyburn Saskatchewan in April, my wife suggested I call it Weyburn.

Weyburn is made from 4 identical units. The units are made by sewing three strips together. The strips are made by joining small pieces using the connector corner method.

What if , instead of being a single color on a white background, Weyburn was 2 colors on a white background?
What if the background color of each strip was slightly different?
What if one of the background pieces was colored so that it became part of the foreground?
What if several of the background pieces became part of the foreground?
What if a different background piece became part of the foreground?
What if part of the foreground became part of the background?

What if the 4 units that make up Weyburn were not colored identically? What if the various pieces that make up Weyburn were colored selectively?

It is obvious that a few simple changes in color can turn one block into several blocks. All of them different and yet all of them the same.

It's fun to do. You should try it. I'd love to see what else you can do with Weyburn.


  1. Wow - Thanks for opening my mind to the possibilities. Beautiful designs!

  2. Are your Sketch Book designs in your book? I cannot get enough of them!

  3. Love how your mind works.......... So Cool ! :)