Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Can I Do

To A Shoo Fly Block ...

...To Make It My Own?

It happens to everyone. You're assembling a block and somehow the pieces don't go together the way they're supposed to. So you say something like, "Oops, I made a mistake."

Think again. You didn't make a mistake. You made a new block.

I'm going to start with a Shoo Fly block and  intentionally make a mistake. I'm going to put 2 corners in the wrong way.

Now I'm going to play with my new block (My wife thinks I should call it Shoo Too.) and see what quilt designs it can show me.

The next time you say, "Ooops, I made a mistake", stop and think. Is it really just a mistake; or could it be a happy accident.

I've played with Shoo Fly blocks before. Here are a few of my posts that feature Shoo Fly blocks:
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  1. Very interesting blog. I love the shadow boxes. I must try this sometime.

  2. Ladybelle

    When you do try it, I'd love to see the results.

  3. Wayne,

    I love the shadow boxes too ... but love the idea of turning a 'mistake' into something new even more.

    Judy B

  4. Judy

    I find it easy to get in a rut. "Mistakes" sometimes help me get out.