Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Can I Do

To A Friendship Star

To Make It My Own?

Traditional blocks do not have to be traditional blocks. You can make new blocks from old ones if you put the pieces together differently.

If the two half-square triangles on either side of a Friendship Star block are rotated, the result is a new block that looks nothing like a Friendship Star block.

This may be an odd looking block but it makes some very interesting quilts.

There is more than one way to rearrange a traditional block.

I wonder what you could make with this version?


  1. Linda

    Me too. That's why I put it first. However, I think the accent border needs to be moved out a lttle.

  2. a black spacer strip would set it off, I agree!
    thanks for sharing these ideas with us

  3. I love the first one. When I saw it I thought of my son. He is a graphic design major and would love the moderness of this quilt.

  4. Vivian

    Maybe you should make it for him.

  5. a heart beat... One Heart, One Mind might be the name for a quilt I make with this design.