Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Quick Update

A month ago I showed you this quilt (On The Road to Weyburn) while my wife was still working on it and before it had borders. I thought you might like to see it finished.


  1. This is a beautiful quilt. This time the picture doesn't seem to move as I scroll down. Must be the angle it was taken. Thanks for showing the finished quilt.

  2. Caroll

    I think it's beautiful too. Much better than the quilt I designed using that same block (It's my Weyburn block). Linda did a wonderful job.

    I love it when someone improves on my designs.

    Linda and I just got back from teaching in Medicine Hat. Almost everyone took control, made changes to my patterns and made the quilts their own. It was great.

  3. Someone posted a link to your blog to the Liberated Quilters list -- wow! Awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing.