Monday, April 9, 2012

What If

You Change...



On A




You get a wonky Jacob's Ladder block, which I think is more interesting than the original.

I like this block because there is so much more you can do with it.

This block gets even more interesting when you pick the right fabrics.
This wall hanging uses wonky Jacob's Ladder blocks and their mirror-images to create butterflys.

Looking at the original Jacob's Ladder block you would never suspect this is possible.

Changing it into a wonky block made it possible.

Tomorrow we'll see what's possible when a Dutchman's Puzzle goes wonky.


  1. Oh I love the butterflies you made out of the Jacob's ladder. I will have to remember these and make a quilt with them. :D

  2. Ann Marie

    The butterflies came as a complete surprise to me. I didn't set out to design a pictorial quilt; it just happened. But when it did, no one a was more pleased than me.

  3. Those butterflies are a great surprise, but I love the four black and white blocks together. Interesting possibilities with that!

    Judy B