Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What If You

Change The Grid...

...Of A




You get a wonky block.

Notice that I didn't change all the dimensions. Notice also that I didn't make all the dimension different; I repeated some.

I recolored the block to emphasize the flying geese rather than the pinwheel. I wasn't looking for a wonky pinwheel this time.

Four wonky Dutchman's Puzzle blocks and some simple sashing make this small wall hanging.

It is one of many quilt designs possible with this block. Here are a few more:

I like the negative shape at the center of this one.

One reason I like changing grids to make wonky blocks, is the variety of shapes and sizes I get with them.

I also like the fact that I can take a traditional block and give it an entirely new look.

Tomorrow I'm going to make a Contrary Wife wonky.


  1. I love your "what ifs" This looks like it would be a fun one.

  2. Caroll

    Asking "what if" is what quilt design is all about.

  3. Wayne, if you would stop making your wife wonky, she would stop being contrary! (Sorry, I just could not resist!)

  4. Elsie

    Linda says, "I love you, you made my day."

    I'm still going to make a Contrary Wife wonky tomorrow anyway.