Thursday, December 20, 2012

Half & Half Block #2


I named this block Climax for the town of Climax Saskatchewan. I designed it using two simple units which I combined to make the block. Since both this block, and Foam Lake from a couple of days ago, are made using two different units I call them Half & Half blocks.

What if I play with the way this block is colored? What kind of quilt designs will result?

What if I use it vertically?

 What if I try horizontal?

What if I try scrappy and make a second block that is the negative of the first?
What if I separate the blocks with sashing?
This one feels a bit three dimensional to me.
What if I make the block in several different colors?
What if I let you try now?


  1. Like the vertical and horizontal versions ... a very interesting border design!

  2. Judy

    I hadn't thought of using this block for a border design. Excellent suggestion!