Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Half & Half Block #1

Foam Lake

I designed the block I call Foam Lake by using squares and half-square triangles to make two different units. Two of each unit combine to make the block.

Because it was designed using squares and half-squares triangles doesn't mean it has to be sewn that way. The design can be simplified. Rectangles with flip and snip triangles in the corners can replace some square and half-square triangle combinations.

Foam Lake is designed to be a scrappy quilt with definite light and dark areas on a white background.

I want to try various combinations of the block in two different color ways.

What if I simply repeat the block?

What if I rotate the block?

What if I combine a block with its mirror image?

What if I use mirror image blocks to make a larger block and then rotate that larger block?

What if I rotate and offset pairs of mirror image blocks to form a frame?

More is possible. But that's enough for one day.


  1. Oooh I really like the one where you say what if you rotate them. That is really cool!

  2. Anne Marie

    My wife tells me she wants to sew that one.

  3. I like the rotation one too! Good to see you posting again!

  4. Terry

    Sorry about my absence. I was called away unexpectedly for a week and a half.

    Since I got back all my time has been spent sewing a queen size quilt I promised to Quiltmaker magazine.

    It's finally pinned. I start quilting tomorrow.

    However, I am now definitely way behind on Xmas stuff as well as blogging.

  5. thoroughly enjoyed yesterday in foam lake! so inspiring!!! so many new ideas now! and of course now i need to buy some small print fabrics! ;O)
    your and your saint of a wife are an awesome duo!
    thanx so very much

  6. Valerie

    I'm glad you enjoyed the trunk show and demos.
    Linda and I had a great time meeting you and all the ladies in Foam Lake.

    We would love to see pictures of any quilts that result from our visit.