Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scrambled Block #4

Friendship Star

I look at this quilt design and I find it hard to believe that it started with a Friendship Star block. But it did.

A Friendship Star is made of four half-square triangles and five plain square units.

If you scramble the units before you sew them together, any number of different blocks is possible.

Some of the blocks you can make using the units are old familiar friends, such as Shoo Fly and Snowball.

I'm more interested in finding blocks I've never seen before.

I tried brainstorming and set myself the goal of finding 30 different blocks made from the units of a Friendship Star block. I found many more than that. Here are 36 of them.

All of these were assembled randomly and colored randomly.

The next step is to play with a few of them to see if I can discover anything I like.

Obviously I've just scratched the surface of what is possible. If you want to try playing with some of the others, go ahead. I'd be delighted to see what you come up with.


  1. I prefer symmetrical blocks, in part because I have to set some limits to my own exploration of design otherwise the possibilities are overwhelming, but sometimes I am tempted to look elsewhere. But then you share some designs like this and I think I will leave the weird and wonderful to someone who does it so well!
    Love all of these!

  2. Judy

    The nice thing about asymmetrical blocks is that you can put four of them together and make a symmetrical block.

    On the other hand cut a symmetrical block in four and you end up with asymmetric blocks.

    Symmetry hides asymmetry. Asymmetry has the potential to be symmetry.