Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scrappy Quilt #1

Using Half-Square Triangles


My wife Linda and I have a large fabric stash and a small house. The two are incompatible. A lot of the stash is left over bits and pieces from various projects. The obvious solution is to make scrappy quilts. So I've decided it was time I designed some.

This first quilt is crib size and made entirely from half-square triangles. Because I want to use up a lot of small pieces of fabric, the squares are 2"x2" finished size.

The quilt uses three kinds of half-square triangles - one made of light colored fabrics only, one made of light and dark fabrics, and one made of dark fabrics only. It is important to have a strong value contrast between the light and dark fabrics.

Four half-square triangles are combined to make a block. There are three kinds of blocks - one that is entirely made of light colored fabrics, one that is half light and half dark fabrics, and one that is made of dark fabrics except for two light corners.

The blocks are combined to make three different units.

The units are combined to make the quilt.

Light-colored blocks are used to fill in between the units.

The finished quilt is 40"x56"