Monday, October 14, 2013

Scrappy Quilt #3

Twin Quilt

I'm exploring designs for scrappy quilts.

The first one four days ago had totally random color with an emphasis on value contrast. The second one two days ago was still focused on value contrast but I limited myself to greens in the foreground and light beiges in the background.

This one has light beiges in the background again. The foreground, however, uses two colors. A variety of browns that form squares and blue/purple bands connecting the squares. There is no rhyme or reason to the placement of any particular brown or blue.  As always value contrast is very important.

I started with these two simple units. Each one is 4"x4" finished size.

Nine of the first unit repeated make a 12"x12" block.

Four blocks combined make a diamond like pattern.

I used the second unit to separate six copies of the pattern and to provide a border.

I connected up the units in the border to give the border a finished look.

This twin quilt is 64"x92".

This quilt is the result of playing with two very simple units. You do not need complicated blocks in order to design interesting quilts.


  1. Wayne,
    Love it! There is a lot of movement in this one and I cannot really decide if it is the design itself, or the placement of the contrasts. Or perhaps it is just created by scrolling backwards and forwards!

  2. Judy
    I think the movement is a combination of the design and the contrast. The repetition is the basis of the movement but without the sharp contrast it wouldn't be apparent.