Sunday, November 1, 2015

Making Visual Choices

Use Value Contrast 
To Focus Attention

I designed this quilt and I like it. I think it's a clever tessellation.

However, I think it could be a lot better. It lacks interest. it needs something that says 'look at me'.

What if I play with value contrast, what if I make some parts lighter and some parts darker, will that make it more interesting?

I find this is more interesting. There are three dark units, three points of interest that the eye can travel back and forth between.

Dark contrasted with light focuses attention

This time light blue contrasted with medium blues focuses our attention on the three units.

This is the one I like.

The dark blue contrast with the medium blues and draw my attention. My eye travels from one to the other and back again.

At the same time the two medium blues are fighting among themselves for my attention.

The result is the my eye also goes back and forth from the medium blues in the background to the dark blue in the foreground.

Add some interesting quilting and there will be lots to hold my attention.

How this quilt is pieced will surprise you . Check out my 6 March 2011 post.

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  1. Wow, what differences! I like that third rendition best, too!