Sunday, November 15, 2015

Making Visual Choices

Use Contrast In Size
To Focus Attention

You looked at each of the small Sawtooth Stars. I know you did.

But you didn't look at each of the large stars. You noticed some are dark blue and some are light blue. But there are too many and they are too much the same for you to spend time with each one individually.

If there had been something special about three of the stars that I wanted you to notice, perhaps if I quilted a name in each one, then making them smaller would have been a good way to be sure you noticed.

On the other hand I could have made them larger and you would have noticed. Any contrast in size will work to focus attention.

If all the stars are the same size, then...

... there is no reason to single any one of them out as worthy of special attention.


  1. Great illustration of the concept. I am enjoying this series!

  2. I don't always comment, but I do always enjoy!