Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mix & Match #4

Flying Shuttles
& Shoo Fly

What if I cut these two blocks into quarters and the use pieces of each to make two new blocks?

What if I place 2 Flying Shuttle pieces on the left and 2 Shoo Fly pieces on the right to make a mixed block?
What if I make a larger blocks from 4 of my mixed blocks by rotating the mixed block?
What if I put different corners of the mixed block in center of the larger block?

What if I place Shoo Fly pieces in the top left and bottom right corners and fill in the other 2 corners with Flying Shuttle pieces to make a mixed block?
What if I make larger blocks again?

What if I repeat the last mixed block but with the Shoo Fly pieces facing out instead of in?

My impression of the 9 larger blocks is that they are very busy.
What if I use all of them in a quilt and separate them with sashing?

They are still to busy.

What if I start over and replace the black in the Flying Shuttle blocks with a grey?

I like these blocks better. They are less busy, which means less confusing, so they are more readable and make a stronger statement.

What if I make a quilt by repeating one of the green blocks and one of the red blocks

I like this but I feel there's too much competition between the red and green blocks, so I want to try one more thing.
What if I tone down the red blocks?

I like this better.These are not really my colors but the quilt works. Maybe I can play with the colors some other day. But I'm done for now.

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