Friday, March 11, 2011

Bear's Paw Meets

Dove In The Window

I recently came upon Dove In the Window. It's a block that has a lot in common with Bear's Paw.

The block on the right is Bear's Paw; the block on the left is Dove In The Window.

The pieces are the same for the 2 blocks, but the half-square triangles are oriented differently, and the corners for Dove In The Window Are colored.
What if these 2 blocks are used together in a quilt?

Because they are so similar they work well together.

This particular version needs more color than just purple.

What if the Dove In The Window blocks are green and the Bear's Paws blocks are purple?

This is better, but it could use even more variety.

What if the Dove In The Window blocks are colored green inside and purple around the edges? What if the Bear's Paw blocks are colored just the reverse?

This is more exciting. I still want to see more variety in the colors.

What if some of the purples are traded in for greens, and the greens vary in tone?

This makes a dynamic quilt in which the 2 blocks combine to create something that is more interesting than either alone. Although the design uses Dove In The Window and Bear's Paw blocks, they become secondary and the over all design predominates.

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