Friday, March 4, 2011

A Simple Tessellation

For You To Ponder

This is my quilt Okotoks/Sheep Creek; it's a simple tessellation. A tessellation is a jigsaw puzzle in which all the pieces are the same shape.

In the case of Okotoks/Sheep Creek, this is the shape that is repeated.
This shapes derives quite naturally from a block you are probably familliar with - Spool.
Take Spool and its  negative shape.
Reverse one of them and then alternate them.

The result is a series of dumbell shapes, some dark and some light, that tessellate.

When you combine a block with its negative you create a design that is larger than the block. The block disappears and the new design takes over.

You don't always get a tessellation when you do this; but you do get some interesting designs. Try it.

To see more of Okotoks go to my website.

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  1. might this be referred to as a nonet (3 by 3) tesselation?