Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paired Blocks #14

What Else Can You Do

With A Drunkard's Path Block?

There are quite a few quilt designs that are made using just a Drunkard's Path block. But why use just a Drunkard's Path block? Why not combine it with other blocks?

What if a Drunkard's Path block is combined with a Shoo Fly block?

 This is one way of combining 2 of each block.
 This is another way.
What if both these ways are combined?

This is the start of an interesting design.
When the design is repeated, the result is alternating thick and thin diagonal stripes.
What if the thin stripes are colored?

This is definitely a useable design.

Many more designs can be made using the Drunkard's Path and Shoo Fly blocks. You might want to try discovering some.

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