Monday, March 7, 2011

What Happens

When You Start Playing?

Yesterday I showed you how these 2 blocks were used to create a tessellation. I couldn't stop from playing with them. I wanted to see what else was possible.

What if the 2 blocks are used in in various combinations?

This is interesting but a bit scrambled.

This is interesting but a little too repetitive.

This is interesting. It has both structure and variety.

What if it is colored different ways?

I like this last one. I want to see what happens when I play with it.
What if the above image is combined with its reflected images?

I like this. It's a kind of jazzy barn raising.

I need to work on the colors a bit. What if I use country colors or scraps?

What happens when you start playing with quilt design is that it is very hard to stop.

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